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Founded in 1979 in the town of Le Tampon (Reunion Island) the theatre company took the name of Ambroise Vollard to pay tribute to the non-conformist art dealer from Reunion, a friend of Alfred Jarry. The Vollard theatre company is a leading light of the 1980s and 1990s revival of theatre in Reunion with about thirty plays written in a festive and colourful style (Marie-Desssembre, Lepervenche, Ubu Colonial, etc), town festivals and large public gatherings. The Vollard theatre company has created new places, the Grand marché of Saint Denis (currently a drama centre), Cinérama at La Possession, Grande Chaloupe, Jeumon cultural centre, toured many times in mainland France and abroad. Over 40 years actors and singers have performed 1 965 times in front of 465 000 theatre-goers.

Since 2003 with Maraina, Chin (2009) and Fridom (2020), the Vollard theatre company has devoted itself to opera and to the creation of operas for French overseas.

2010 - Chin (opera)
2005 - Maraina

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2020 - Fridom (Opera)
Emmanuel Genvrin Jean-Luc Trulès

Composer and music director Jean-Luc Trulès; libretto and director Emmanuel Genvrin. Set designer, video images, Hervé Mazelin; wardrobe Isabelle Gastellier

After recording a piano and vocal performance of Fridom in Antananarivo in October 2016, then recording the orchestration in November 2017 at the Radio Centre of Hangzhou (China), the opera was filmed with set and costumes in October 2018 at the Cité des Arts in Saint-Denis, Reunion Island with scenography designed by Hervé Mazelin. Editing and mixing were carried out in 2019 and 2020 in Reunion, Caen, Clermont Ferrand, and Paris. Fridom was broadcast on the evening of 14 July 2020 (Bastille Day) on the France-Télévision TV channel Réunion la 1ère.

Jean-Luc Trulès (music) and Emmanuel Genvrin (libretto) composedFridom to tell the story of a pirate radio station. They thus continue with their aim of creating a repertoire of Indian Ocean operas, focusing on what is known as “overseas France”. Their librettos deal with the issues of colonial history, ethnic diversity, and the multiculturalism of the francophone inhabitants of France’s overseas departments and territories. Musically these operas incorporate Western musical conventions (symphony orchestra, choir, opera singing) but also include specific musical features such as traditional ternary rhythms, the timbres and colours of Creole and Malagasy voices, and use ethnic and regional instruments..

The story
Reunion Island is in turmoil due to an unstable social situation and potential confiscation of the transmitters of a popular pirate radio station, Fridom. One of the presenters, Mae, is abducted by a former lover , Ménéla, now a criminal on parole. Radio station boss Doctor Camille and policeman Mikael, both in love with the young woman, join forces to find her. But the transmitters are seized and the population rises up . Following riots, Mae and Ménéla die in a supermarket blaze.


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Fridom, opera with English subtitles - YouTube

OTHER VIDEOS (in French)

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extraits Opéra Fridom - YouTube
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dans les coulisses de l'opéra Fridom (Trulès/Genvrin) - YouTube

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Les étapes du projet Opéra Fridom - YouTube



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Emmanuel Genvrin

bio Genvrin

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Jean-Luc Trulès

bio Trulès



JPEG - 139.8 kb
Dr Camille, Mae, Mikael, éveil au studio de la radio.
JPEG - 261.1 kb
Mae, rendez-vous au parking.
JPEG - 195.1 kb
Départ pour Radio Marron

JPEG - 286.3 kb
Dr Camille à Mae : Je t’aime.
JPEG - 267.1 kb
Mae, Ménéla, Mikael : jalousie.
JPEG - 283.7 kb
Maloya de Ménéla

JPEG - 165.3 kb
Victoire : Camille président !
JPEG - 313.4 kb
Le dr Camille et le chœur des auditeurs
JPEG - 278.3 kb
Dr Camille, chœur : vengeance !

JPEG - 238.2 kb
Une Fridominenne.
JPEG - 347.3 kb
Supplique de Mae.
JPEG - 268.5 kb
Mikael blessé.

JPEG - 2 Mb
Mae Ménéla
JPEG - 236.3 kb
Mikael, dr Camille, jalousie.
JPEG - 369.2 kb
Dr Camille : retour de Radio Marron.

JPEG - 307.7 kb
Radio parole maloya
JPEG - 268.3 kb
Dr Camille, Mikael Radio Marron
JPEG - 181.8 kb
Ménéla kidnappe Mae.



JPEG - 830 kb
JL Trulès et E.Genvrin à l’écriture de l’opéra Fridom au local de Saint-François (Saint-Denis de La Réunion, aout 2013)
JPEG - 820.1 kb
Paris, octobre 2013, premières répétitions de l’opéra Fridom : Jean-Luc trulès, Pierre-Yves Binard, Magali Léger, Jean-Loup Pagesy, Jean-François Novelli, Sophia Vaillant, Emmanuel Genvrin.
JPEG - 778.9 kb
Chœur de création Fridom à Antananarivo (Madagascar, octo 2014)

JPEG - 71 kb
Répétitions du piano-chant Fridom au Cmdlac d’Antananarivo (Madagascar, octo 2016)
JPEG - 961 kb
Equipe de répétition de l’opéra Fridom au Cmdlac d’Antananarivo (Madagascar? octo 2016)
JPEG - 632.2 kb
Orchestre philarmonique d’Hangzhou (Chine) 2017

JPEG - 2.6 Mb
Maison de la radio d’Hangzhou (nov 17), J Luc Trulès dirige l’enregistrement de l’orchestration de Fridom
JPEG - 1.1 Mb
Camille et Margie Sudre en visite sur le plateau de Fridom (nov 2018)
JPEG - 2.4 Mb
Artistes de l’opéra Fridom lors du tournage (2018) à la Cité des Arts de Saint-Denis de La Réunion

JPEG - 58.8 kb
enregstrement des voix du chœur de Fridom aux studios de la Cité des Arts de Saint-Denis de La Réunion (octo 2018)

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