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2005 - Maraina (opera)

Jean-Luc Trulès / Emmanuel Genvrin

Composer and music director Jean-Luc Trulès, libretto and director Emmanuel Genvrin. Set designer, video images, Hervé Mazelin, wardrobe Pardon ! and Térésa Small

The adventure of Reunion island first settlers.
In 1665, a group of adventurers (1 French and 7 Malagasy) leave Fort-Dauphin in Madagascar to plant tobacco and aloes in Mascarenne (today isle of La Reunion). Louis Payen, the leader of the expedition, discovers that his foreman, Jean Managna, is also lusting after the pretty Marie-Maraina. Jean escapes and leads the group of Malagasy in the heights of the island, marries Maraina and proclaims himself king, while approaching a fleet of the sun king (Louis XIV).

Created on Reunion Island in November 2005, it was performed again in December 2006, and was a tremendous success with the public, and was hailed by the critics. This first ever Indian Ocean opera brought together performers from the whole region (including 8 performers from Madagascar) and overseas (4 from Guadeloupe, Martinique, Tahiti, France-Algeria) for a composition by Jean-Luc Trulès blending classical, Creole and Malagasy rhythms. Emmanuel Genvrin’s libretto explores the myth of Reunion Island’s first Franco-Malagasy inhabitants in the 17th century. In June and July 2007 Mariana received an enthusiastic welcome in Tananarive and Fort Dauphin after a memorable 800km long taxi-brousse trip. In October 2008 the opera was performed again at the Jean Vilar Theatre at Vitry-sur-Seine in front of an audience of 1500, with the Massy opera orchestra, backed up by musicians from Reunion and Madagascar and a choir from Ile-de-France brought together by the ADIAM of Val de Marne. A documentary (Laterit productions, directed by César Paes) based on footage shot in Reunion, Madagascar and at Vitry is currently in preparation. Whilst Jean-Luc Trulès and Emmanuel Genvrin are currently writing their second opera, CHIN, for 2010, performances of Maraina are planned for June 2009 at the Silvia Montfort Theatre (15th arrondissesment of Paris), in October at Saint Paul, Reunion Island

Complete video

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Maraina, opera with English subtitles. - YouTube

What the press thinks :

"A captivating and colourful opus"
[T. Guyenne, Opéra magazine]

"A subtle fusion between contemporary music and Malagasy tradition"
[M.Steinmetz, l’Humanité newspaper]

"A marvellous and moving creation"
[A.Ruprecht, Gens de la Caraïbe, Madinart]

"Maraina gives rise to a new genre, the Indian Ocean opera"
[H. Rivelo L’Express de Madagascar]

"A mix of musics that have learned to live together, a leap forward for our common history"

[J. Talpin, Le Quotidien de La Réunion]

Press articles :

PDF - 859.6 ko
La Terrasse, juin 2009, Maraina opéra de La Réunion
PDF - 871.5 ko
L’Humanité 7 octobre 2008, La Réunion sur le mode lyrique
PDF - 1001 ko
Opera Magazine janvier 2006, Comptes rendus à la scène : Maraina
PDF - 864 ko
Gens de la Caraïbe 5 nov 2008, Maraina, l’aventure des premiers Réunionnais
PDF - 323.5 ko
L’express de Madagascar 2 juillet 2007, La consécration pour l’opéra Maraina
PDF - 1.1 Mo
Le Quotidien de La Réunion, 15 sept 2007, Vollard sur la terre des premiers Réunionnais
PDF - 776.9 ko
Mondomix sept 2008, Maraina matin d’outremer
PDF - 970.3 ko
Le Quotidien de La Réunion, 17 nov 2005, Vollard montre la voix de l’outremer

Press reviews :

PDF - 6.3 Mo
Revue de presse (Réunion)
PDF - 3 Mo
Revue de presse (Madagascar)

Press Kit (downloadable)

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To learn more about the writers, follow these links :

The composer, click on Jean-Luc Trulès

The librettist, click on Emmanuel Genvrin

Image bank (can be downloaded) :

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Jean (Steeve Mai), les Antanosy crédit photo Ph.Guerillot
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Maraina (Aurore Ugolin) credit Ph Moulin
JPEG - 2.2 Mo
Antanosy et Maraina credit Ph Guerillot
JPEG - 8.5 Mo
Choeur des Colons, credit Ph Moulin
JPEG - 1.6 Mo
Louis (Karim Bouzra), Montaubon (Josselin Michalon), credit Ph Guerillot
JPEG - 1018.4 ko
Danse de Maraina (Aurore Ugolin) et les Antanosy, credit Ph Moulin
JPEG - 2.6 Mo
Colere de Ravelo (Landy Andriamboavonjy) credit Ph Guerillot
JPEG - 3.2 Mo
Maraina (Aurore Ugolin) en voron amboa, credit Ph Guerillot
JPEG - 889.1 ko
Thomas (Arnaud Dormeuil) et les Antanosy, cerdit Ph Moulin
JPEG - 829.5 ko
Thomas (Gilles Safaru)
JPEG - 2.4 Mo
Louis Payen (Karim Bouzra), credit Ph Guerillot
JPEG - 60.3 ko
Emmanuel Genvrin
JPEG - 140 ko
Jean-Luc Trulès
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JL Trulès 2
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