1980, 1981

1980 - Tempest

Shakespeare / Césaire / Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on December 6th 1980 at Le Tampon theatre. Playwright : William Shakespeare and Aimé Césaire, Director : Emmanuel Genvrin - Music :Jean-Luc Trulès

"Looking for a "local" play we chose to adapt Aimé Césaire’s "Tempest". It was the beginnings of Carousel, Ziskakan, Danyel Waro. Dominique Attali and Jean-Luc Trulès wanted us to become professional, I was still hesitating. We chose the Tempest, thus setting our standards high. If we could rise to the occasion, we would be able to carry on. The name of Aimé Césaire was not well-liked in Le Tampon. We were evicted, and our sets thrown out onto the street. Jean-Pierre Ducart and the Saint-Denis’ youth service (OMJ) team invited us to go to the capital. Alain Joron as Caliban and Jean-Luc Trulès as Eshu were a sensation. Olivier Mayolle, photographer at the Quotidien newspaper and a future administrator of Vollard, played Prospero. We received a warm welcome at the Saint-Jacques hall, this was just before 1981 and the system was showing signs of strain. Alain Joron, who was playing Caliban became a symbol of Reunionese emancipation and unfortunately lost his mind shortly afterwards. We were invited shortly afterwards to perform at the Saint Gilles theatre, a Mecca of official culture : we thought it was a consecration, but in reality it was just the Reunionese Centre for Cultural action (CRAC) wanting to clear their name at a time when Jack Lang had just been named Minister of the Arts. ! » [E. Genvrin]

The play

The duke and magician Prospero is exiled on an island where he has enslaved the Negro Caliban and brought up his daughter Miranda according the principles of nature. His servant and spirit Ariel makes his former enemies run aground on the coast. He forgives them, marries his daughter off and frees his slaves and servants.


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Vidéo Tempête 1981 - Théâtre de Saint Gilles - durée 5 mn -

what the press think

"It’s about voyages, cyclones, tempests, all these images that remind you both of the barbarity of slavery and of the fierce breath of freedom that sustains our people."
[Témoignage Chrétien de La Réunion]

"The actors have gone to extremes, by going in search of faraway sources that Shakespeare himself took his inspiration from, masks, figureheads, stock characters that are almost caricatures, Ariel’s near-acrobatic ballets, actors playing up to three different roles."
[Le Quotidien de La Réunion]

"A great success for the Vollard company. The actor’s talent and enthusiasm, the originality of the staging, everything contributes to the performance’s quality and the audience’s enchantment. A great first in the history of local theatre productions."

[Le Journal de l’île de La Réunion]

The performance of the Tempest can be seen as a moment of collective psychoanalysis in which everyone, turning to their past, would try to get rid of their fantasies, their hang-ups and their fears»


press articles

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JIR, déc 1980
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Le Quotidien (L.M.) dec 1980
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JIR (C.Huc)avril 1981
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Temoignages Chrétien, (FF, P.Treuthard), avril 1981
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Le Quotidien avril 1981
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Temoignages (A.M.) avril 1981
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Art Quivi (JF Sam Long), avril 1981


First performed on December 6th 1980 at Le Tampon theatre. 9 performances at Le Tampon, at Saint Denis (Saint Jacques hall), and at the Saint-Gilles theatre. Total audience : 5000.


  • Caliban : Alain Joron
  • Prospero : Olivier Mayolle
  • Ariel, Eshu : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Miranda : Dominique Attali
  • Ferdinand, Trinculo : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Alonso : Alain Bled
  • Gonzalo : Marie-Hélène Pla
  • Antonio : François Poupon
  • Sebastian :Sébastien Treilles
  • Stephano : Jacqueline Quiesse
  • And : Annick et Roger Helias, Raymond Guien, Jean-Pierre Hoareau, Catherine Bossuet, François Dambreville, Nicole Pounia, Jessy Pothin.


  • Paul Randrianome (Paulo), Jean-Louis-Trulès, Alix Zibel



  • les comédiens, S.Nauche, l’atelier du Crac.


  • Emmanuel Genvrin et les comédiens


  • Jean-Marie Quiesse, Claude Pitou.
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